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Back-Up Generators

Power outages have the potential to cause immense issues for homes and businesses. A backup generator is a great tool that can be set up to power up the moment an outage happens. By having a backup generator in place, your important devices will stay on and will prevent major data loss and damage due to power interruption.

Backup generators can be customized to power up certain parts of your home or building during an outage. Forbes Electrical Company has a generator specialist who can help you find the generator to best suits your potential electrical outage needs.


  • Kohler
  • Honda 
  • Generac
  • Briggs and Straton

Fuel Types

  • Natural Gas
  • Propane
  • Diesel


  • Auto or Manual Starting
  • Portable or Standby
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Sound Attenuation

Electrical Service Panel Upgrades

With the increase on our use of technology, so does our need for more power for electrical devices. The electrical demands of a building increase over time as well and can be easily overlooked. Without adjusting for the new usage, an electrical panel’s capacity may be overloaded causing outages. Even though fuses are designed to prevent overloading, they are limited in their power to a specific set of outlets. Many times, the older the breakers the more power they attempt to hold which could cause electrical overload which could lead to a fire.

Over time, electrical panels are worn down due to corrosion and other factors. A common problem is lights flickering or plugs that work sporadically. This could be caused due to an old panel with bad or burnt connection points or even the wiring in the structure could be deteriorating. These are all potential dangers and you could be faced with a major unplanned expense for repairs. Not to mention the risk of a fire that can cause severe damage.

Call one of our experts at Forbes Electrical Company today to schedule an appointment to discuss upgrading your electrical panel. We are here to work for you, save you money, and have safer structures.

 When to Upgrade 

  • Home Additions
  • Home Remodeling 
  • New Appliances 
  • Adding Outlets
  • Fuses are blown frequently
  • Panel is 20+ years old

Surge Protection

Surge protectors, were once, only known to be needed for computers. That is no longer the case. Surge protection can be installed to protect your entire home, not just your computer. Power surges can destroy expensive appliances including refrigerators, TV’s, lighting control systems, security systems etc.

At Forbes Electrical Company, we want to help you protect your appliance investments by installing surge protection for your home. The average home has roughly $8,000 worth of electrical equipment. You could come home after a long day; you flip the light switch and POP & FLASH. There goes $8,000 worth of electrical equipment.

To protect your home investments Forbes Electrical Company suggests reliable surge protection for your home. Call one of our experts today to schedule an appointment to assess your surge protection needs. We are here to work for you, save you money, and have safer structures.

Electrical Inspections

Did you know?

In 2011, an estimated 47,700 home structure fires reported to U.S. fire departments involved some type of electrical failure or malfunction as a factor contributing to ignition. These fires resulted in 418 civilian deaths, 1,570 civilian injuries, and $1.4 billion in direct property damage. In 2007-2011, home electrical fires represented 13% of total home structure fires, 18% of associated civilian deaths, 11% of associated civilian injuries, and 20% of associated direct property damage. Source: http://www.nfpa.org/research/reports-and-statistics/fire-causes/electrical
The most common home fires are attributed to electrical issues such as:

  • Fixed Wiring
  • Lamps or Lighting, or
  • Cords or plugs with fixed wiring

With proper maintenance and care all of these fires are preventable Prevention.Prevention.Prevention.Your electrical system is the heart of your home. Forbes Electrical Company will inspect your home to help ensure that your family never has to endure a fire in your home due to electrical mishaps. We will assess your current electrical system service and then discuss different, if any, factors that could cause your electrical system to fail…possibly leading to bodily injury, fire or worse.

If your home was built more than 15 years ago, has had any renovations completed, or you are considering buying a home, then we suggest having your home inspected for any electrical deficiencies.