Commercial Electrical Services

Office Lighting

Lighting in commercial buildings is important when potential tenants are viewing it for a business location. In current commercial workspaces, businesses are updating their lighting systems to create a more happy and productive work areas for their employees.

There is a specific method when selecting the color, brightness, and quantity of light in the workspace right down to the color of the desks. The traditional white fluorescent lights are inexpensive and have been known to cause head and eye pain. Depending on the work that is being conducted is another factor to consider when selecting the proper lighting. As always, natural light is the best option.

One of the lighting specialists at Forbes Electrical Company, LLC will assist in finding a lighting solution for your office space that will greatly improve the look, feel, and efficiency of office space while staying within budget.

 Electrical Contractors 

ForbesElectrical should be your 1st choice for contractors in Atlanta. Our electricians have quality experience and are clean, professional and always on time. Our team continues to grow with certified electricians which allow us to handle the larger Atlanta jobs. The size of our company means that we have better availability and flexibility

 Common Projects 

  • Home Additions
  • Home Remodeling 
  • New Home Construction 
  • Commercial Building Construction 
  • Commercial Renovations
  • New Electrical System Installations
  • Burnout Rehabilitation
  • Apartment Renovations
  • Hotel New Construction and Renovations
  • Doctors’ Offices Construction 

 Commercial Electrical Maintenance 

A property’s electrical system is like a vein pumping electricity to your home. When one thing stops working, the possibility of causing massive damage or inconvenience and potentially expensive emergency electrical repairs increases highly. When an electrical element stops working, you must stop and ask yourself: “Who do I call to get an estimate to get this repaired? What is a reasonable price for repair and service? How can I prevent this from happening in the future?”

These electrical emergency situations can be avoided when the electrical system is inspected on a regular basis by a qualified electrician.

Maintaining the electrical elements of your business environment and your equipment can be costly. Having aqualified expert on staff to help support that infrastructure and overall lower your electrical cost would benefit you greatly in the long run. We are here to help businesses protect their employees and save them money.

A great example of a customer who would select anelectrical maintenance program would be an apartment complex. Hiring a full-time maintenance individual may seem to be cost beneficial, however, when you select a low monthly cost through one of our maintenance agreements, your operating costs could be lowerand give you peace of mind that your complex is in a expert’s hands and we are able to handle the emergencies properly.

Forbes Electrical Company has been helping businesses for years by providing affordable maintenance contracts. Depending on your needs, there are several types of servicesyou can select the one that best supports your business. Our maintenance contracts range from 24-7 support to a host of other options that are all designed to help you keep your costs down and affordable. Forbes Electrical Company has the experience and knowledge to provide quality service through our electrical maintenance contract program.

Call one of our experts at Forbes Electrical Company today to schedule an appointment to discuss how a maintenance contract can work for you and save you money.